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chinliness is godliness

26 May
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3rd eye blind, abstract, adult swim, aeon flux, aesop rock, aim, alcohol, android lust, androids, angelina jolie, anime, anime chicks, anime girls, anticon, aphex twin, aria giovanni, art, atmosphere, autumn, b-girls, barnes&noble, battle royale, battle.net, beauty, beer, being god, black books, blood, books, breakdancing, breasts, breathing, chris chin, cinnamon toast crunch, clothes, coffee, computers, cowboy bepob, culture, cyborgs, daylight, depeche mode, digital, dilated peoples, dnb, doctor pepper, dogma, doodling, drawing, dreams, drum and bass, dvds, electra, electronic, erotica, evangelion, eyedea, fairytales, fantasies, fantasy, faye, film, final fantasy, fragging you, from autumn to ashes, full metal alchemist, girls, glasseater, glassjaw, go, god loves ugly, graffiti, graphic novels, green tea, guns, halo, hikaru no go, hip hop, homestarrunner, indie film festivals, indie films, indie flicks, indie movies, indie rap, intelligence, japanese culture, jungle, jurassic 5, knives, knocking on heavens door, krylon, la blue girl, living, mallrats, manipulation, movies, murs, music, naruto, new york city, nudity, oasis, outkast, overcast!, oversized weapons, painting, penguins, photography, porn, pretty, punk rock girls, rain, rap, raves, receiving oral sex, rhymesayers, rice, robots, romance, rpgs, ryoko, salvador dali, samurai champloo, se7en, sex, sex in an elevator, sharp objects, slug, space ghost, spike, stealing lawn ornaments, stencils, strongbad, subs, subway, sushi, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the mars volta, the wallflowers, trains, trance, vampires, videogames, warcraft3, water, web design, wu-tang clan